Conflicting Priorities

One of the hardest things for a shouldaholic to deal with is conflicting priorities.  For example, I want my child to eat dinner, but I want them to eat healthy food, and I want us to have a peaceful dinner time. Anyone who has kids knows that they aren’t always going to be hungry at…

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Boundaries Vs. Window of Tolerance

A lot of people talk about having healthy boundaries. But what exactly are boundaries and why do we get them confused? Why are boundaries important? How does that relate to our Window of Tolerance? This is a huge topic, so I’m just trying to give you a taste so that you can decide if this…

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Start Here

One of the most intimidating things about starting any journey or learning a brand new skill is that feeling of not knowing what you don’t know. It’s especially difficult for Shouldaholics because we are wired to feel a lot of shame for not knowing what we think we should know. The bigger problem is that…

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I’ve struggled with shouldaholicism my whole life. Most of my decisions were filtered through a lens of “should/should not’ based on some standard that was inherited from past generations, my culture, our society, and my friends. Most of the time, this was quite unconscious and for the most part, it kept me on the straight…

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